Ben Masters Trilogy

I finished writing my western trilogy about two days ago.  I think it turned out very well and it is good to have the whole story outside of my head and where other people can read the stories if they feel the inclination to do so.

BEN MASTER – The Bounty Hunter

Ben Masters was a Confederate scout during the war between the North and the South. When the South was defeated, Ben was left without a family and without a reason to exist. Several years later and Ben has become a feared bounty hunter.

BEN MASTERS – A Gunfighter Named Gretchen

Ben Masters has left behind the bounty hunter life to become a farmer and lead a more peaceful life, but his reputation still brings him people searching for someone who can help them with their problems. Gretchen Braun is a gunfighter who is seeking Ben’s help.

BEN MASTERS – Rebel Rose

Ben Masters’ past is catching up to him as he tries to live the life of a peaceful farmer, but his violent past could destroy everything he has worked to attain.

This is the final story in the Ben Masters trilogy.

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