Free: Two of my stories for several days


For several days, starting tonight, two of my stories will be avialable for free download from Amazon.  The offer starts tonight at midnight, not sure if that’s midnight my time or what.  I reserve the right to stop the free promos at any moment.

The Ben Masters story is the 2nd in a trilogy, maybe if you like it you’ll buy the other two 😛  I had already done free promo of the 1st story.  I will not do a free promo of the 3rd story 😛

BEN MASTERS – A Gunfighter Named Gretchen

Ben Masters has left behind the bounty hunter life to become a farmer and lead a more peaceful life, but his reputation still brings him people searching for someone who can help them with their problems. Gretchen Braun is a gunfighter who is seeking Ben’s help.


James Campbell Knight *This is the first book in a trilogy*

James Campbell Knight is a technology titan that transforms the world around him with his inventions. When he creates a time machine, his world is changed when he runs into a dangerous opponent in the past.


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