Covers for paperback and kindle books

I know people say you need a good cover for your e-books or paperbacks.  I’m sure they are right, except when I look at the covers of all sorts of other books, they look pretty generic.

I have not added a better cover to any of my books, except one, because what I’d love to be the covers of each of my books, there are no stock photos that fit what I like.  The stock photos are so generic that I just can’t add them to my books.

Ben Masters, I have some great ideas for the books covers, but imagine the price it would cost to hire a model I felt was close to what Ben Masters would look like?  Dress him up in western outfit and then photograph a shot with Colt Navy revolver and other models posing as some of the other characters.  Can you imagine the price?  Amazon offers help with covers, it costs from 99  dollars to 400 dollars, per cover.

I have been thinking of just using solid colors, like black and white and maybe some other colors.  I use to be able to draw, but now I can’t get the inspiration back.  Paying some artist from Fiverr to do book covers for me sounds good until you start thinking about the copyright issues of using that persons’ art on your book.  What happens if your book becomes successful?  Will the artist sue for more money for the use of their art on the covers of your books?

The only book that has a nicer cover is “has been”.  There was a generic heart-shaped clock and strawberries I could use for the cover.

I doubt my books will make 400 dollars together so spending 400 on a book cover sounds like it’s only for those with money to burn already.

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